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The Archive Leadership


Just a gaymer that likes playing games. If I'm not suffering at work or asleep, you can usually find me vibing around doing random things in Destiny. I mostly prefer PvE content but I have been known to dabble in PvP occasionally. Outside of Destiny I usually spend my time watching Youtube, Twitch, or just vibing in some single player games. I do have a Twitch that I stream on and you're more than welcome to stop by, say hi, chat it up, and overall just hang out! Catch ya on the flip side Guardian o7
My Twitch


“dumb and gay, doesn’t bite, 7/10”


Hey, I'm Marsu, an industrial design student from Finland. Games have my whole life been my retreat from everything. I count them as my hobby and that's what I basically do with my free time. I have a keen sense for debauchery, and where it's afoot I am usually found. Ask me anything you want, there's a small chance you might get a serious answer.

Broken Valhalla

Warlock main who likes long walks on the Radiolarian Lake and spit shining Vuvuzela's head.

RIP Austringer, November 2020


Just your average cave dweller who relies on caffeine and sugar to sustain my gaming habits. Gaming allowed me to travel the world and form friendships that have changed my life for the better. I'm a shotgun ape pvp-er and kill stealing pve-er, so no one really likes playing with me. Also I like donuts.


I think doing HR is fun and main a Warlock. No further questions.


Most famous for asking Luke Smith a question he didn't know the answer to and for putting Rasmussen Clan on everything on my titan.


Supreme Overlord Lumi, the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to raid fear. Will most likely be elected President Supreme Overlord Crystal Eater next season, will start beverages fund for voters. Probably an illegal alien from the far far Germanlands where beer flows in the rivers. Avoid at all costs, will drink your alcohol and eat your cookies.


Whaddup, it’s mista steal-ya-SO, Cabalzzzz in the house! Born and raised in the sweet swampy boot of Cajun Country. Ask me about my doggo.
And whatever yours is

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