Rules & Policies

As such with every community, there are rules & procedures to follow to prevent any unnecessary conflicts, as well as promote a better experience for all.


  • Threats of violence, sexual assault/harassment, racially charged, discriminatory, or derogatory comments are grounds for permanent removal from the clan and community.
  • All community members are expected to use an adult level of judgment. All members will be held to the same standard.
  • Server and clan members should be at least 18 years of age (with a few notable exceptions).
    • Our community is mostly “family-friendly”, we aim to create a mature environment of mutual respect between members. No prospective member under the age of 18 will be considered unless they are either related to an existing member or have prior approval from an admin. To obtain prior approval, contact an admin on the Discord or and explain why you’d like to join. Additionally, due to Discord’s rules and policies, no clan members under the age of 13 will be admitted — THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE


  1. We expect everyone to treat every other human with respect. This includes not just the members of this community, but anyone outside of it, as well as the developers of the game.
  2. Raging on other community members is unproductive and not appreciated. If someone is truly problematic, admins are here to mediate conflicts.
  3. When in doubt, the admin team is here to help keep the peace, and anyone can reach out to any admin for help with other members of the community.
  4. If you are found to be poaching members from the community, violating any Discord/Bungie Terms of Service, or The Archive code of conduct, you will be permanently removed from the server and all affiliations.
  5. Regarding any Partner Communities and Affiliations: All of The Archives Code of Conduct and Rules apply to Partner servers, so long as you are a member of The Archive.
  6. If you are consistently breaking any of the above behavior rules, you are liable to be removed from the clan and the community, even without warning.


  1. Members are required to play activity at least once every 30 days. Users who do not maintain this activity are liable to be removed from the clan.
  2. Membership and participation in the community discord are mandatory for clan membership. The Bungie app chats have proven unreliable, and it is not feasible to get information to our members in a timely manner without a common communication platform
  3. All clan members must be registered with our Destiny bot Charlemagne. To register, issue the command: ?register in #bot-command-post and follow the instructions provided in the direct message from Charlemagne.
  4. Moving between divisions in the clan is always allowed. Destiny’s clan system dictates that we cannot have one individual clan that everyone can join, so we are forced to manage multiple smaller clans called “divisions” to be able to fit all the people in the clan. While we are stuck using this system, moving between divisions to sync up with the players you play with the most, or just temporarily to get a clan triumph done, is always welcome.
  5. Unnecessary victory celebrations make the clan as a whole look toxic.
    • When you play, you are the face of the clan; tea bagging all your kills in PvP makes you, and the clan, look bad. If you encounter other players who are problematic, report them, and block them. This is a clan of adults, or minors mature enough to be held to adult standards, act like it.


  1. When making an LFG request in our LFG channels, provide a brief description of the activity, and who you will need to join you.
  2. Even if you know someone, don’t hop into someone else’s fireteam, VC, or party without asking first.
    • If you are not a part of an activity you should probably not be in someone’s VC or party unless specifically invited.
  3. For high communication-focused activities like raids or trials PVP, players are expected to only participate if they have access to a mic
    • The only exception to this rule is if you give players in the group notice of the lack of a mic ahead of time. We still accept members who are unable to speak for physical or social reasons, although they are still expected to give advance notice as per this rule. For more support than we are able to provide on this front, the D2 Sanctuary clan might be a valuable resource:
  4. If you are unsure whether or not you can participate in an event, join as an alternate. If you must drop out, inform the other players, or the event creator as soon as you know you will not be able to attend.


  1. Discussions should remain related to the channel they are held in.
  2. Spoilers must be marked with spoiler tags. Data-mines and leaks are only permitted in the #datamines-and-spoilers channel. No need to use spoiler tags in this channel. To gain access to this channel, go to #role-assigning and choose the role.
  3. The #meems channel (memes) is opt-in only and can be accessed by going to #role-assigning and choose the role. Memes must be kept safe for work.
  4. All posts that are NSFW will be removed by an admin and the poster will be restricted for 24 hours on the first offense. On the second offense, the poster will be restricted for one week. The third offense will result in permanent removal from the clan and server.
  5. Political dog-whistling does not contribute to the gaming, or general chat community, and is not tolerated. The consequences for overtly political posts will be the same as those for NSFW posts.
  6. Posts that threaten real violence, sexual assault, harassment, or other legitimate misconduct against another clan member, group, individual, or entities, will be handled on a case by case basis, depending on the severity of the incident, with the minimum consequences being equivalent to those of NSFW posts. These rules also apply to VC.


One of our founding principles is that we help each other with difficult endgame content. We do not permit, and will not tolerate our members using any form of a cheat, exploit, network manipulation, or other mechanisms not permitted by Bungie’s Terms of Service to obtain loot, complete triumphs, advance quests, obtain pinnacle weapons, or participate in any game content in a manner inconsistent with the highest ethical standards. This includes any of the following actions:

  • Cheating via the use of third-party software (aimbots, hacks, etc.)
  • Cheating via network manipulation (DDoS/DoS attacks; packet floods; using restricted network subnets, VPNs, or foreign servers to restrict matchmaking)
  • Obtaining experience, ranking, pinnacle weapons, or other resources via account recovery
  • Utilizing ill-gotten gear in any game session with a community member
  • Sharing your Destiny, Bungie.Net, or Discord account credentials with anyone else or allowing others to use these accounts
  • Attempting to arrange any form of account recovery or network manipulation session using our resources.

Any community member found to be utilizing these methods will be permanently banned from The Archive clans and Discord server, as well as reported to Bungie and/or Discord, as appropriate.